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A therapeutic technique of transmission of spiritual energies through the imposition of hands which helps us in the process of spiritual, moral and physical balance - starts after Public Lecture.




For the Houaiss Dictionary of the Portuguese Language, the word pass has several meanings, among others, is the "act of passing hands repeatedly over or over a person who is intended to magnetize or heal by mediumistic force."


The Dictionary of Parapsychology, Metapsychics, and Spiritism conceptualize passes as being movements with the hands, made by passive mediums, in individuals with psychosomatic imbalances or just desirous of beneficial fluidic action. (...) The spiritist passes are an imitation of the hypnomagnetic passes, with the only difference of having the assistance, invoked and known, of the spiritual protectors. "


The Spiritism offers a more comprehensive view of the subject which, in short, we can point out as follows:


  • The Pass is a joint or mixed transmission of magnetic fluids - from the incarnate - and from spiritual fluids - from spiritual benefactors, and should not be considered a simple transmission of animal energy (magnetization).


  • The application of the pass is intended to aid the recovery of physical and psychological disharmonies, replacing deleterious fluids with beneficial fluids; balance the functioning of damaged cells and tissues; promote the harmonization of the functioning of neurological structures that guarantee the state of mental and intellectual lucidity of the individual.


  • The pass is usually transmitted by the hands, but it can also be done by the look, the breath, or, at a distance, through the mental radiations.


  • The transmission and reception of the pass are related to the power of the will of the one who gives the beneficial energies and of those who receive them.


  • The true cure of diseases is related to the process of readjustment of the Spirit, which can extrapolate the time limit of reincarnation, the pass being only an aiding instrument.


  • To prevent illness or disturbance, not provided for in the Law of Cause and Effect, it is necessary for the person to define and follow a schedule of moral improvement, spiritual enlightenment.




"As the blood transfusion represents a renewal of physical forces, the pass is a transfusion of psychic energies, with the difference that organic resources are withdrawn from a limited reservoir, and the psychic elements are from the unlimited reservoir of forces spirituality". by Emmanuel

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