Due to the actual circumstances,

our volunteer activities are temporarily canceled.

Dear Friends, 


Please find below a list of volunteering opportunities that you can do at home or in your communities: 


- Check if there is any local group in your community/neighborhood that is currently helping the elderly in your area. If there isn't one, you may want to try and create one with friends/neighbors. The purpose is to help the elderly with grocery shopping/curbside pickup, medicine pickup. There are several apps available for delivery! 

- If you have the skills and materials, you may want to make masks at home. Here is a link on YouTube (in Portuguese) showing how to make the masks: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=neVH8PhT1JE

Note: If you plan to make masks for a nursing home or such, please check with the organization first if they are accepting homemade masks. 

 - Make encouragement and comforting cards with your kids! These cards can be delivered to nursing homes, hospitals, grocery stores, etc. You can make the cards and deliver them when the quarantine is over. 

Note: Some locations such as the YMCA have boxes outside of their front door where the cards can be delivered. 

- If you are doing a Spring Cleaning and find shirts you would otherwise donate, you may want to use them to create bags that can be donated to the homeless. Here is a video on YouTube (in English): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zgpaM3u2zng 

It is an easy project and it requires no sewing or supplies. 

- If you are doing a Spring Cleaning, please separate items you no longer use and that are in good condition for donation. 

- Plan a virtual "get together" with friends! You may also create a prayers group. Let’s use the technology available to us to get closer to friends and family, and get stronger thru prayers and positive thoughts. A simple smile can go a long way! 

- Plan online playdates for your kids and their friends. They can read a book together! 

A few other ideas for activities you can do at home: 

- You can watch a spiritist movie such as: "Nosso Lar", "Bezerra de Menezes", "Kardec", "Chico Xavier", "As Maes de Chico Xavier", "E A Vida Continua", "Causa e Efeito" 

- Stay active and attend a fitness class online! Nowadays there are several professionals providing free online classes on yoga, pilates, aerobics, and meditation. 

- Read a good book! 

- Perform the Gospel at Home once a week:  https://www.febnet.org.br/ba/file/Campanhas%20CFN/Evangelho.pdf


Stay well! Stay Positive! And remember God is always with us. 



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