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A program for children and young people, based on the moral teachings of Christ as well as those of the Spiritist Doctrine. This knowledge is brought to the students through practical situations experienced in the day-to-day.

We have three age groups at SSST doing In-Person classes every Sunday at 10:30am: Young Kids 4-6 years old, Kids 7-11 years old and Teens 12-15 years. We have a Baby Spiritist Class (0-36 months) starting on April 28 2024. This group will have a pre set schedule to meet on some Sundays at 10:30am. Please check our calendar for full schedule and closures. 



What is accomplished in the area of children and youth Spiritist Education is the dissemination of Spiritist knowledge and the moral teachings given by Jesus, who was referred as a model of perfection for the whole Humanity by the Superior Spirits who participated in the codification of the Spiritist Doctrine.



1-            Promoting the integration of student: with oneself, with God and with others;
2-            Providing to the student the study of the natural law that governs the universe; the nature, origin, and destination of the spirits, as well as its relationship with the corporeal world.
3-            Offer to students the opportunity to understand themselves as an integral being, critical, participative, heir of oneself, citizen of the universe, agent of the transformation of one’s environment, towards the whole perfection one can achieve.




  • The main Purpose of a Spirit to return to the body of a child is to be educated again. The positive impressions the Spirit receives during childhood may be crucial to its current existence and even to future lives. It is because of the semi-conscious state of incarnate spirit in a child’s body that its mental barriers of defense are neutralized, thus it is softer and more receptive, as well as more flexible and open to all influences.

  • Hence, the importance of Spiritist Education, because to spiritually educate the children is to prepare them to face all times and all adversities of life according to the postulates of the Gospel. It is the only way to cultivate in the spirit of the child the understanding of practicing good deeds, the acquisition of morality and knowledge. So that it may teach the twilight of its physical existence conscious of its spiritual achievements, knowing itself and placing itself in the universe as a collaborator of the Supreme Divinity.

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